I have decided to take up the challenge that my darling Aunt, Dr. Adeola Ayorinde has charged me with. I will be thanking God both on Facebook and on my Website for three areas of my life that I am grateful to him for the next three days! Here goes…

1. My heart is filled with profound gratitude for God’s mercies upon my life right from the day I was born until now. From a tender age, God placed me in a godly, loving and supportive family where I could have access to the undiluted word of God and where I saw my parents live out their faith daily. Those wonderful memories are still with me today and are a source of wisdom and inspiration to me in my life everyday.

2. God has blessed me with the gift of children. I gave birth to three big, healthy, intelligent and vibrant sons all within the space of 31/2 years (Don’t ask! I had a set of twins!) Each time I got pregnant, I never had to wait more than a month! I conceived with ease and delivered with ease. I experienced all these deliveries with no complications and no surgeries. What took others a while to achieve, in moments, God poured these gifts into my hands. I cannot thank God enough. His love for me is unprecedented.

3.I bless God for my husband, Adeniyi Adewale. He has been my best friend, my lover, my prayer support, my cheerleader and my teacher. I could have married the wrong man but God said NO! He stirred the course of my life with intervening circumstances leading me into the arms of my life partner today and 5 years after, I have no regrets. I cannot thank God enough.


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