OK, so I know people usually write down their new resolutions at the beginning of a year but what if you make some resolutions in the middle of the year? I am sure there’s no law against writing them down late in the year. I recently made some new resolutions this July and so I have decided to call them my new ‘half year’ resolutions.

There’s my list in no particular order:

  1. Set up a ‘wow’ date for my husband and I.

Actually, I had planned to do this since the beginning of the year and had in fact achieved it when we went on a Couple’s retreat at a resort on the outskirts of Lagos in May but I still want a ‘wow’ date very soon. I know that two ‘dates’ in a year may sound like a lot to some of you (what a pity) and ridiculously few to others but that’s what happens when you marry a man who’s a cross between a banker, a pastor and a politician. Then throw in my day job ( In- house Legal/ Compliance officer/ Sanction Desk Officer) and my life’s job ( a wife and a mother to three boys all under the age of four) and that equals two or less dates a year.


  1. Read to my children at least 10 minutes every day.

Now I foresee that this will not be a small challenge since my twin sons are still in the’ tear-all papers’ phase. They seem to love the sound of paper being ripped apart. I may need to amend this resolution to ‘Reading to KDA (my first son, who’s almost four) for at least 10 minutes every day”.


  1. Repair my shoes.

I have a number of shoes that either need the soles replaced or the buckles fixed (I love Mary-Janes) but instead, I had just dumped them. I pledge to repair all my shoes that fall into this category before the end of the year.


  1. Have a fashion designer custom-make some clothes for me.

Although that may sound fancy to some of you, it’s really no big deal to have clothes custom-made for you where I come from. This is because you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have clothes that make you look like a Hollywood star on the red carpet. In Nigeria, the fashion industry is really booming and besides I am tired of just dressing corporate all the time.

  1. Buy more toys and games for my kids.

I believe kids grow and develop through play and you can never get back on your childhood. Besides, I want my kids to watch less TV so there has to be a healthy substitute. I am also looking for a book on easy art and crafts for them. If you have any suggestions, they are very welcome.


  1. Read my bible more.

I need to study the word of God more because I believe in him and want to get to know him more. And so do you. And if you are so sure you don’t believe in God and that he doesn’t exist, then it should not freak you out so much to read the Bible to find out for sure if all Christians all over the world are insane and you are not.


  1. Spend more time in prayer daily.

Yep. I really need to and I can’t wait to get started. I feel like I have a backlog of ‘talking to God’ to do.


  1. Stay away from the “sin that so easily besets me”.

Don’t ask and I won’t tell. Ask and I still won’t tell you. Hahah!


  1. Write an article that requires tons and tons of research and is border-line insane. Yeah, good luck to me with that.


  1. Close from work at 5.30pm everyday if I can help it. Yeah, work is important and so are my children.


  1. Have a great boss who encourages me, helps me grow and is easy to be around.

Never mind how I am going to achieve this. I have resolved that it must happen for me.


Remind me to give you an update on how well I am doing with my resolutions from time to time and I hope you can write out your own list and pursue it before the end of the year, no matter how complex or uncomplicated it is.


Have a great day!



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