He walks into the room,black tuxedo and white starched shirt. All eyes are drawn to him, as pins are drawn to a magnet.He always wins, even when he makes mistakes. He’s the king of machines and latest inventions. He gets to kiss every lady in the room and it’s no crime. C’mon. He’s James Bond!

This is the syndrome that plagues a lot of men these days. My mother used to call them Casanovas, my grandmother called them ‘Woman- wrapper’ but we simply call them players.These brothers attempt to rewrite history. They never commit to any sister or at best, just for a short while.They don’t believe in the law of nemesis or the golden rule that says “Treat others how you want to be treated”. They think ‘i ll never grow old’ and their philosophy? Life is a party. Rock it till the end.

Now, I must concede one little thing to these guys, they are eye- catching. They have got style and lyrics, the ingredients needed to make a girl’s pulse race. But you see, sisters, if any of you have been on the dating scene long enough, you would know that with these breed, the story is always the same.

The problem with them is not their looks or their song, it’s their inspiration. Women are no different from a designer perfume, to be worn till you acquire another favourite. So,one piece of advise to the ladies. JAMES BOND IS AN ACTOR! IT IS A FILM! wake up and smell the hot coffee! Unlike the nusery rhyme, Life is NOT a Dream! Get rid of the Mills and boons Stories in your head. The ending may be right but the process usually isn’t. A man who you had distrusted and despised for decades with good reason usually doesnt turn into a symbol of trust and constancy overnight, ingredients necessary for lasting love. At best, they glitter for a little while, then go back to their dull gray colour again but usually after putting a dagger through your heart.

Consciously desire to be attracted to and sought by the right kind of men. Men who would treat you with respect, honor and appreciate your strengths and your dreams and simply understand that commitment means to be present both emotionally and otherwise.

Let James Bonds remain in the cinemas and let the real men step up. Cheers.




  1. So many women know this, but continue to make the mistake of dating AND eventually marrying these men. Big mistake! These are not the sort of men that make good husbands, talk less of making good fathers.

    You summed up their philosophy nicely: life is a party. Only God (not a woman) can change such a man.

    • Sharon, that’s so true. Only God can change such men. I remember that at the university, these were the ‘popular’ men who girls were falling over themselves to date. I never understood what was so attractive about them but as someone told me recently, Everyone who has watched a James Bond film knows that it is just a movie while watching it but that does not stop them from still enjoying it! Hah….lol

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